Hello and welcome! I’m a researcher interested in democratic experiments with data and the ways digital infrastructures create public spaces and shift what we deem as valuable.

I work at the intersection of STS, media studies, and data studies, with an emphasis on digital and ethnographic methods. Currently, I’m involved in two multi-year research projects on digital health innovations and public health delivery. This includes my doctoral dissertation at Siegen University, Germany, in which I empirically study how novel health data governance initiatives organize data flows and create different forms of value while navigating various epistemic, ethical, and economic questions and their tensions.

I also work as freelance research consultant and advisor. In the past, I led research and policy work at the Open Knowledge Foundation, and held research positions at the University of Amsterdam and the Fraunhofer Society. I have collaborated with various international NGOs, donors, public policy bodies, and research institutions, including the United Nations, the Web Foundation, CIVICUS Alliance, Mozilla Foundation, and the Hewlett Foundation.

On this website you can find updates on my writings, publications, projects, and public talks. Get in touch via at danny.laemmerhirt [ at ] gmail.com, if you would like to collaborate, explore new ideas, or just have a chat over coffee.