A comprehensive list of projects I have led or have been involved in as commissioned researcher or advisor.

SFB Transformation des Populären – Digitales Körperwissen: Konfliktlinien problematischer Popularität in der Gesundheitsversorgung: Leading a three-year research study on how people’s private use of digital health technologies shifts expertise and medical authority in patient-doctor interactions.

Waag Society – Research fellowship: Providing conceptual advice on research projects pertaining to the governance of technologies as well as participatory formats that can create public spaces in Europe.

Public Data Lab – Organising Participation with Air Pollution Data: Conducting conceptual and empirical research engaging with pragmatist theory to study how air pollution sensing can facilitate public engagement and cooperation around the issue of London’s air pollution. More information here.

Media of Cooperation, Siegen University – Interrogating Datafication, book publication: Co-editor and co-author, organising the production of an academic book publication. The book revisits the concept of practice vis-à-vis data infrastructures and automation processes. Preview here.

Global Disinformation Index – German Disinformation Risk: Conducted an assessment of disinformation risks of 30 German online news media sites. The report is available here.

World Wide Web Foundation – The State of the Web: Conducted quantitative research to develop assessment metrics for the State of the Web project.

Mozilla Data Futures Lab – Data Futures Project: Provided feedback for the report, based on data governance work I’ve conducted during my PhD. The report is available here.

African Minds – Situating Open Data, book publication: Worked as co-editor to frame the book topic, liaise with authors, and organise the editorial review process.

United Nations Development Program & International Development Research Council – Africa Data Revolution Report 2018: Supervised the quantitative assessment, quality assurance, and final analysis of open data publication based on the assessment of a team of 30 country-researchers.

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data – Citizen-generated data and the Sustainable Development Goals: Principal investigator of an empirical study of map out participatory methods for generating data, and their possible connections to the SDGs.

European Commission, DG Devco – Keynote and workshop on citizen-generated data for cities: Led a workshop for experimental methods to repurpose participatory data collections.

Open Knowledge International – Global Open Data Index: Led methodology development and related community inputs, supervised the assessment process, involving a global team of more than 30 researchers, and led the production of the final report.

Web Foundation – Open Data Barometer: Advisory board member, providing input into the methodological development of the Open Data Barometer.

Open Data Charter – Measurement and Accountability Working Group: Co-chairing the working group for two years. This included agenda setting for meetings, liaising with the Open Data Charter core team about strategic development of the group, and a collaborative research project to map assessment methods against the Open Data Charter principles (available here).

Oxford University and Open Knowledge International – Open Trials: Impact assessment of the first funding phase, as well as input into communication and community building strategies, using digital methods to map out interest groups.

CIVICUS Alliance & the Engine Room: A collaboration to understand how citizen-generated data projects are infrastructurally set up, and how their dataset can foreground otherwise unnoticed public issues.